MADE-IN-THE-USA 7 Rescued Treat Yours, Help Others

Why 7 Rescued Grain Free Dog Treats?

7 Rescued believes that your dog deserves the best healthy dog treats, made from limited ingredients, and that are naturally delicious! Our treats are corn, soy, and grain free. We never use fillers, preservatives or anything artificial. Health benefits paired with unique recipes make them irresistible.

We Make Our Own Treats

We control every step of the treat making and packaging process! Our treats are made in small batches and slow-dehydrated to maintain nutrients and enzymes. Added sugars, fillers and artificial additives are never added.

100% Natural Treats

We know you only want the best for your dog, and so do we! That’s why 7 Rescued dog treats are made from 100% natural ingredients! Look no further for great tasting treats; your furry friends will love them, and you will feel confident that your dog is getting the best!

Our Favorite Breed is Rescued

Our home is blessed with seven adopted pets, four dogs and three cats. 7 Rescued was founded when we volunteered at our local shelter, and sadly found out that there wasn’t even a food budget! We partner with animal shelters and rescues in protecting animals from useless euthanasia, and donating for supplies, by offering 20% to animals in need.

Ally’s Testimonial For 7 Rescued Healthy Grain Free Dog Treats